In today’s video we talk about Draymond Green and his unique ability to find his teammates on the floor despite the fact that he plays the forward position.

When Draymond Green has been asked what he accredits this skill to, he says it’s his ability to properly read the game. When he was a young hooper, Green spent countless hours with his teammates going through small game scenarios learning how actions can get teammates open and what defensive rotations looked like.

With that specific preparation came the reward of being able to be one of the best passers in the world, even at the forward position.

In the overall half-court setting, Draymond Green had a 93% success rating when passing to a teammate that lead to scoring opportunity. Meaning, when passing to his teammates, 9/10 he wasn’t throwing a turnover. In transition, his performance went down to 82%, but that’s still 8/10 passes is getting to his teammate on time and on target.

Provided below, is the frequency of the types of actions/passes he used in his last 30 half-court and transition assists.

Overall Half-Court                                                      Transition

Cut to the Basket               8 or 26%                               Hit Up for Lay Up               12 or 40%

Skips/Swings                     7 or 23%                               Drive Pass for Lay Up       7 or 23%

From Post to Three           4 or 13%                               Drive Pass for Three         7 or 23%

From Post to Cutter          3 or 10%                               Rim Run to Cutter             3 or 10%

Off Drive to Three             3 or 10%                                Hit Up for Three                 1 or 3%

Off Screening                    3 or 10%

Cut to Three                      1 or 3%

Off Drive to Cutter            1 or 3%



The Short

According to Draymond Green and based off of his film, having an exceptional ability to pass requires you to have the ability to:

·      Understand the game

·      Have the vision to passes early

·      Pass the ball on time and on target

·      Be able to accept that turnovers are going to happen

o   Move on to the next play