In today’s video we look at how we can generate a scouting report to create a game plan, the athlete that is going to be featured in this HoopStudy Film Study is Tina Charles.

When generating a scouting report on a specific player you want to make sure that you are watching film intentionally on that athlete. You’re not looking for highlights or spending an extended period of time telling your team about their athleticism. Instead, you are looking for specific tendencies or habits that athlete displays. Most athletes are going to display habits!

While watching film, consider writing down categories and then put tally marks next to them so you can start to calculate numbers. Even if you have access to resources that provide statistics, you want to make sure that the statistics are the ones that you are looking for. For example, you may want to know how often to dribble into a specific spot or how many dribbles they take before they shoot, both of which are not commonly tracked statistics.

After you have found your numbers then you can start to formulate a game plan for how you will try to negate the opposing player’s effectiveness. Try researching different elite defenses for how they defend athletes who share the same skillset or tendencies that you are going to face. In this video we talked about UVA and how they send people to “dig” and “choke” the post.

Dig – A brief lunge by a perimeter defender toward a posting up offensive player intended to bring secondary ball pressure without double-teaming.

Choke – A trap or a double team in the post.


   – Watch film!

        *Make sense of the numbers*

    – Pay attention to specific tendencies and chart how often and where those tendencies occur

    – Game plan to reduce that player’s effectiveness

    – Use a variety of tactics