Culture – The way a set of people behave and think which stems from the attitudes and belief system that they all share.


Culture is one of the most important aspects of any team or organization. It can literally mean the difference between success and failure. If you’re not working on your culture on a daily basis and ensuring that everyone, without a shadow of a doubt, can explain what your culture is…you’re failing.

There are many examples of great team culture, and each are unique. Whether that be high energy, communication, positive touches or empowerment, each individual within your program must know and believe in your culture. One activity or culture creator you can use is called “Culture Season”. Introduced to me by Head Coach Alaura Sharp of Presbyterian College, this is a sure way to build your culture and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Culture Season

Scored on daily controllables:

 – Attitude

 – Effort

 – Coachability

 – Body Language

 – Approach

 – Energy


Essentially the coaching staff spends time each day grading athletes on how well they are promoting their team’s culture. In addition to catching them doing the right things, they are giving examples of things they don’t want to see. Athletes are not surprised by scoring and they are proactively attempting to grow their culture on a daily basis.


For more information on culture season, please e-mail If you have any great examples of how you grow your culture please feel free to share them as well!