Klay Thompson is one of the most prolific shooters of all-time in the NBA. Much like J.J. Redick he is also one of the most efficient scorers of all-time averaging less than a dribble per possession but still owning a career average scoring average of 19.5ppg. When looking at his usage in the 2018/19 season we see that coming off screens was his most common action.

Klay Thompson 18/19 Offense

The type of screen that is most commonly used for Klay is the “pindown“. The pindown is an off-ball screen angled towards the baseline. When Thompson was coming off a screen, they used the pindown was used 70% of the time when we looked at a random 20 clips from the season.

Klay Thompson 18/19 Off Screen Actions

Once Klay Thompson received the basketball off of the screen he took an average of 0.4 dribbles. That means the on average, he never dribbled the basketball. Which in turn, means that if the ball is hitting his hands it’s out of his hands going towards the rim very quickly. This makes him extremely hard to guard because if you get clipped by a screen or take your eyes off of him for a second the ball is more than likely going through the basket.

Klay Thompson 18/19 Shot Depth Distribution

What makes him even more problematic for the defense is his shot distribution. 53.6% of the time when he takes a shot, it’s coming from three. So not only are you having to chase him off of screens and make sure that you’re there to guard him on time, if you’re not, you’re giving up three additional points. However, there are different reads and continuous actions that you can use when coming off of the pindown and that’s what DJ Sackmann reviews in today’s video.