PNR Ball Handler 40.5%

Transition 20.9%

Spot Up 18.3%

Isolation 9.8%

Hand Off 2%

Cut 1.3%

Everything Else 7.2%

Creates Contact with Screen 80%

Rejects the Screen 10%

Everything Else 10%

Creates Contact with Screen Kickback Pass 60%

Creates Contact with Screen Post Feed 20%

Switch 70%

Drop Coverage 10%

Ice 10%

Everything Else 10%

Fight Over (Pressured) 60%

Switch 30%

Everything Else 10%

What these Numbers Say

Tyasha Harris does extremely well when she is patient and sets her defender up. When she runs her defender off of the screen and they make contact with that screen, great things happen. But when she’s pressured, speeds up or doesn’t setup her defender, the missed shots and turnovers come out in her game.


If you struggle with similar scenarios make sure you…

★ Are patient

★ Set your defender up

★ Make sure they create contact with the screen