In today’s video we talk about the drag screen, how it can be used as a double screen and the different reads that you can make out of it.


The drag screen is a screen typically set by the trailing big, near the sideline or closer to the slot area. This can also be utilized as a double screen simply by having a second athlete set a screen at the same time. This looks similar to a stagger screen or horns screen. This is a great screen to use as a base action in your primary break that allows you to catch the defense not being prepared and getting skilled athletes into attacking positions.



As the ball handler using the drag screen, be sure to be patient. Try to give the screener time to get set and read the following:

  • How your defender is guarding you
  • How the screener’s defender is guarding the screen
  • What the help/third defender is doing

As the screener setting the screen, create separation from your defender to arrive at the screen without them and sprint to set the screen. Read the following:

  • How the on-ball defender is guarding the ball
  • How your defender is guard the ball
  • Areas to roll, slip and pop into

Remember this is a primary or secondary break action that can be used, so if a scoring opportunity does not present itself, you do not need to force the issue. Instead, you can continue into your offense or pull the ball back out and setup your offense.



For any diagrams of drag screen set plays, please e-mail and put “Drag Screen Sets” in the Subject.