Rhythm and change of pace is everything when playing at a high level in sports. The ability to stop and go makes it very hard on the defense. Take James Harden for example in the video below. He comes down and gets into a slow thru to draw the defender in and then changes his pace to explode past the defender. 

In today’s workout we work on that slow thru so this way you can work on your pace and start to messing with your defender.


Try this drill to master your slow thru move. This is a very important concept for players to work on off the dribble. 

Start with right hand 

1 Make 3X thru 

1 make 2X thru 

1 make 1 X Thru


Repeat drill starting with left hand 

Make 6 shots. Move spots.

Repeat for 5 spots 


30 total makes.