Handle Vol. 1

Ball Handling Program

Ball handling is one of the most important, if not the most important concept when it comes to being an elite basketball player. Basketball has really transformed into a positionless game.

Every player on the floor needs to have the ability to handle the basketball in certain moments. Because of this, Ball Handling drills are imperative for younger players who are just starting out.

Handle Vol. 1 – 20 Day Ball Handling transformation includes dribble techniques and concepts. Each of these detailed specific techniques and concepts are very important for players to grasp.

Full description of ball handling terms can be found below the programs video section.

Dribble Concepts and Techniques

Cut Dribble: 

The action a ball handler takes by quickly moving their dribbling hand downward, starting on the outside of the basketball, in a “chop-like” motion in order to create backspin on the dribble itself.

Dribble Manipulation:

 A player’s ability to legally move the positioning of the basketball or change the path of their next dribble, while controlling the basketball in their dribbling hand.

Dribble Placement:

 The act of dribbling in a controlled spot or pinpointed area of the floor.

Dribble Release: 

The act of dribbling downward and releasing the ball in order to immediately receive the ball with the opposite hand, or to delay the receiving of the dribble with the same dribbling hand.

Float Dribble:

 The act of dribbling and letting the ball suspend in the air for a moment, without carrying or picking up the dribble, before pushing the ball back down with the dribble or picking it up to make a play.

Float on the Run:

 The concept of taking multiple steps between dribbles by allowing the ball to legally stay suspended longer in the air.

Hand to Hand Combat:

Any hand exchange dribble that requires immediate off-hand protection.

Jolt Dribble: 

The act of pounding the dribble by fully extending the elbow on the release while sustaining the extended elbow in order to immediately stop the ball’s momentum with a flat stretched hand in order to perform an immediate quick, low, and controlled second dribble.

Natural Pocket:

 A result of the natural flow of a player’s body movement and dribble, where the ball effortlessly finds itself near a player’s hip and in their pocket.

Pocket Dribble:

 The deliberate dribbling act of pulling the ball into space near the player’s hip, while keeping their dribbling hand behind the basketball with fingers pointed to the side or downward.

Push Dribble:

 A player’s ability to dribble the ball forward and create momentum in a direct line of their choosing.

Turn Float:

 The act of a player manipulating their dribble from the side of their body to the front of their body, while maintaining the ability to dribble again from that newfound float position.

Turn Pocket:

 When the ball hander’s hand is positioned to the inside of the ball, harshly turning the momentum of the dribble to the outside and backward in a circular-like fashion in order to transition the basketball to a pocket position.

Turn Push: 

A combination of a turn pound dribble and push dribble, where a player turns their hand toward the inside of the basketball while pushing the ball forward with the extension of their elbow.


When a ball handler performs a dribble in front of their body, but then immediately pulls the next dribble backward to access their pocket.