Raise Your Shooting Percentage And Be A Confident Sniper By Learning The Secret 7 Steps To Shooting The Basketball

"If You Can't Make Shots, You'll Most Likely Never Be Able to Play at a High Level"

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Unlock the Art of Shooting

In the rapidly evolving game of basketball, where the ability to score from distance increasingly separates the good from the great, perfecting your jump shot is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. 
Enter the #HoopStudy 7 Step Shooting Transformation Academy, a dedicated program meticulously designed to transform aspiring athletes into sharpshooters. This academy is your blueprint to mastering the mechanics of a knockdown jump shot, focusing on refining your technique through a structured, comprehensive approach.
Through the #HoopStudy 7 Step Shooting Transformation Academy, you embark on a detailed journey to shooting excellence, guided step by step. 

STEP 1-The Shooting Hand: Learn to optimize the position, grip, and release of your shooting hand for bulletproof accuracy.

Step 2-The Lift Point: Master the ideal lift point for your shot, ensuring a smooth transition into your shooting motion.

Step 3-The Guide Hand: Fine-tune the role of your guide hand to stabilize the shot without affecting its trajectory.

Step 4-The Start Point: Establish a consistent and comfortable start point, setting the stage for a repeatable and effective shot.

Step 5-The Lift Path: Control the path of the ball with precision, ensuring a clean, uninterrupted lift for maximum shooting consistency.

Step 6-Full Body Flow: Harmonize your body mechanics, from footwork to follow-through, integrating strength and finesse into each shot.

Step 7-Footwork: Enhance your shooting foundation with dynamic footwork, creating the balance and positioning needed for accurate shooting under any condition.

In no particular order of importance, the 7 step shooting program focuses on these 7 steps in meticulous detail. As you can see these steps work from the top down. Meaning we take an approach that focuses on the release of the ball, down to the feet. Opposite of the traditional ground up approach. The reason we focus on this is because we have worked with thousands of players with great feet, but have flaws in their hands and how they release and hold the basketball. Without the proper release, and without the proper hand placement…. you will NOT BE CONSISTENT. 

Why This Academy Is Essential?

In today’s game, a reliable jump shot is your ticket to becoming a versatile and formidable offensive player. The #HoopStudy 7 Step Shooting Transformation Academy equips you with the skills and knowledge to:

Elevate Your Game: Transform your shooting ability to meet and exceed the competitive demands of modern basketball, making you a valuable asset to any team.

Adapt and Overcome: Learn to adjust your shooting technique for various game situations, ensuring you’re always ready to make the crucial play.

Build Unshakeable Confidence: With each step mastered, witness a significant boost in your confidence. Knowing you have the skills to score from anywhere changes how defenders play you and how coaches use you.

Visualize your journey with progress trackers that celebrate every milestone, turning your hard work into tangible results.
Dive into a wealth of resources: printable drills, detailed guides, and video tutorials that make elite ball handling second nature.
Train using the secrets of pros and collegiate standouts, whose paths from uncertainty to dominance mirror the journey you’re about to embark on.
Rest easy knowing every drill, every session is a step towards becoming the player you’re meant to be—confident, skilled, and in control.

Raise Your Shooting Percentage through our 7 Step Shooting Program

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Integrate Training Seamlessly Into Your Routine

The #HoopStudy 7 Step Shooting Transformation Academy is designed for the ambitious athlete, ready to access and integrate training effortlessly into their daily regimen:

Accessible Anywhere: Crafted for ease of use across devices, the academy lets you take your training with you, whether you’re at home, at the gym, or on the road.

Structured for Success: Dive into a clearly outlined program that progresses logically through each critical aspect of shooting, allowing for focused development and measurable improvement.

Personalized Pace: Move through the academy at a pace that matches your learning style and current level, ensuring that each lesson is fully absorbed and applied.

Embark on your path to becoming a knockdown shooter with the #HoopStudy 7 Step Shooting Transformation Academy. This isn’t just about making minor adjustments—it’s about a fundamental transformation of your shooting game. Start your journey today and redefine what it means to be a shooter on the basketball court.

Your Instructor DJ Sackmann working with Elliot Cadeau. The #1 ranked PG Nationally by ESPN

Learn directly from World Renowned NBA Trainer DJ Sackmann. DJ works with many of the Top High School Athletes in the world to prepare them for the NBA.

This program takes you through a lot of the same workouts he does with many of the ESPN top 25 Athletes in the world. We know many of you are not a top 10 ranked athlete YET, but it doesn't mean you cannot prepare like one to climb the ladder. Now is your chance!

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Players of all ages and abilities can benefit greatly from this guide. This will help you whether you are an aspiring college athlete or youth rec player.

The program is delivered as an online membership platform that you can access on your computer, tablet or phone. HoopStudy Academy is a digital course. You will use the credentials you signed up with to login to your dashboard. Upon logging in we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

All you need is a ball and a hoop!

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The section is dedicated to helping you with your shooting with drills and concepts that range from beginner to advanced. No matter your skill level, remember that every player is different and there is no such thing as a perfect shot.