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Discover the #Hoopstudy Method: Courses are designed to unleash your on-court potential, raise confidence, elevate your skills, and position you as the smartest player on any floor.

Hoopstudy: The players place to transform their game.

"For the dedicated ballers determined to heighten their basketball IQ and skillset: Our courses are more than just lessons; they're a transformative experience.

Drawing from countless hours and invaluable insights from industry legends, Hoopstudy bridges the gap between passion and prowess. Because when you deeply love the game, you owe it to yourself to know it inside out.

As you expand your understanding and refine your techniques with us, watch as the court opens up in new, exhilarating ways, unleashing your true basketball potential."

Hoop Study Player's academy

The Beginner Basketball Academy

Just starting off playing or coaching? This academy is a progressive way to understand the game from the ground up!

Price - $99

Shooting Programs

We help you become a more CONSISTENT AND CONFIDENT shooter by helping you diagnose any issues small issues you may have that are throwing off your shooting percentages.

Price - $199

Positional Programs

Want to be better? Then MASTER YOUR POSITION. These courses dive into all the small details you need to be successful in your position. We guarantee you will have a real understanding of your position after these courses.

Price - $399

Transformation Programs

Our Summer Transformation and Preseason transformation have helped thousands of players across the world literally change their game. Daily detailed schedule from basketball skills, shooting and strength training make up these in depth courses.

Price - $299

Finishing Academy

Stop missing layups and getting blocked! Every Finish broken down into specific detail so you can master the art of scoring inside the paint.

Price - $147

Ball Handling Academy

Get Ball on a string handles after completing our famous “handle at home” and handle elite courses used by tens of thousands of hoopers across the globe.

Price - $67

Building on Court Confidence

You can train all day but without confidence, you can’t play. Here we dive into how you can think as a player and human being to maximize your potential.

Price - $67

10 Minute Basketball Mobility

Most of the best players in the world have a quick basketball routine they do daily. This course provides a 10 minute routine that will make you a better athlete on the floor and overall a healthier human.

Price - $67

Moving Without The Ball

Every Cut. Every Relocation. Every Read. Every Spacing tactic. Learn exactly how to get open looks and play off the ball.

Price - $197

Pick and Roll

The most comprehensive Pick and Roll course thats ever existed. Learn every single screen and all the nuances on how to attack that come with it.

Price - $197

High IQ

Stop turning the ball over because of bad decisions. Learn how to attack zone and press defenses by using your brain and outsmarting the defense.

Price - $148

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