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Basketball Skills To New Heights This Summer.

Unlock the same #HoopStudy Method that has helped thousands of athletes go from zero offers to playing college and professional basketball.

"If you’re a hooper and want to change your life, definitely get this program and grind on it over the summer. It’s really worth it.” - Elliot Cadeau (UNC Point Guard)

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You Don't Have As Much Time As You Think... Don't Waste Another Summer

The summer time is where the real hoopers separate themselves from the competition.

Now is the time…
No more school.
No more distractions or obligations.
Just you, a ball, and a dream.
This is the best opportunity you will have all year to transform your game.
But what are you gonna do differently this time around?
Remember last summer?
You swore it would finally be the year you turn your weaknesses into strengths and you’d go back to school a new player.
It started off with excitement, but as the summer quickly flew by, you found it difficult to stick with the goals you set out to accomplish.
Although you were putting in the work, it just felt like you were missing something you needed to confidently know you were getting better.
Before you knew it, the season came around and you were right back in the same place you started…
You felt like you had let your chance slip from under you and those feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty returned.
With your last ounce of optimism you started the season hoping that you wouldn’t be the same timid player you were the season before.
But after disappointing performances, you found yourself just waiting for the season to end, looking ahead to the next summer and how it’d be different. 
So the cycle continues.
Now here we are.
And you have a decision to make…
You can keep going down this path, without making any changes and tell yourself things will turn out differently.
But there will come a time where you have no summers left.
Your career will end and you will walk off the court for the very last time, wondering where all the time went.
With untapped potential… thinking back on all the hours you spent getting shots up in an empty gym.
You waited for the day where you’d finally become the player you’ve always known you could be.
But that day never came.
Or you can take the necessary action today that will propel you to have the best off-season of your life AND see it pay off on the court next year.

This helped the #1 PG in America and over 5,000 other hoopers of all levels across the world.

Follow our foolproof routine so that you know you are making the most of every single day.

Your Daily Step By Step Program That Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Planning out daily workouts is hard.

And if you don’t have the right guidance, you could even hurt your game.
That’s why we’re here to help you workout by workout, day by day.

Know Exactly What You Need To Do Each Day To Reach Your Goals

We have taken out the guesswork… You will literally be forced to succeed.

  Each Daily Workout Includes…

Your Instructor DJ Sackmann working with
Elliot Cadeau. The starting PG at UNC.

Learn directly from World Renowned NBA Trainer DJ Sackmann. DJ works with many of the Top High School Athletes in the world to prepare them for the NBA.

This program takes you through a lot of the same workouts he does with many of the ESPN top 25 Athletes in the world. We know many of you are not a top 10 ranked athlete YET, but it doesn't mean you cannot prepare like one to climb the ladder. Now is your chance!

The Truth Is, You Will Not Get The Results That You Want This Summer If...

Here's what Players are saying

WARNING: Here Is The Secret (Most Players Don't Know) That Causes Them To Waste The Off-Season

There are two main reasons players don’t make the progress they want during the summer.
Keep reading to find out how you can avoid these and  change the course of your career.
We’ve seen it happen time and time again.
Whether you want to go from 0 offers out of high school to getting a D1 Scholarship like our member Sam Peek.
Or if you’re trying just trying to make your school team.
If you take advantage of the summer, you really can rebuild your game in just a couple months.
But the thing is, most players don’t know how to properly build a summer routine that is sustainable.
They put too much on their plate and have trouble sticking with it for more than a couple weeks.
Others just rely on AAU and unorganized workouts without game like reps.
You need a daily routine that works with your schedule – even if you’re playing in tournaments.
In fact, doing skill work will keep you way sharper and help you play better throughout the summer.
We created the Summer Transformation Program so your preparation becomes simple.
If you really want to improve your game, you need a detailed workout program that is guiding you every day.
AND it won’t have you in the gym 6 hours a day.
You’ll be able to pull up the program on your phone and workout with us side by side.
This is the best time to break down your game, assess strengths and weaknesses, and go into the next season reenergized and confident.
It’s the best feeling when you show up to tryouts or practice on the first day back with a new and improved skill set.
And make no mistake, the coaches will notice who was putting in work during the off-season and who wasn’t.
Your confidence comes from preparation, and preparation starts today.
You are just a few months away from becoming the basketball player you always knew you were meant to be.
Improve your skills, rebuild your confidence, and let’s make this off-season an absolute game changer.
Get started today.
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Here's What Some Of The Biggest Names In Basketball Are Saying

Adam Harrington
Assistant Coach, Brooklyn Nets

"I have found nothing better at teaching skill development. I'm excited to use this online program for not only my kids but the NBA players I work with as well.”

Brandon Walker
Adidas Head Of North America Sports Marketing

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with DJ over the last four years and this is flat out one of the best training platforms on the planet."

Tom Crean
Head Coach, Georgia Bulldogs

“I’m 51 and I’ve been a head coach for 18 years, and I’ve learned more watching HoopStudy in one week, that I could have possibly imagined.”

Jesse Jones
Founder @filayyyy On Instagram

“This is a great way to stay in shape, stay sharp, and stay ready. This is full of the best teaching points. The knowledge on here is crazy!”

Liran Barel
Founder Basketball Coaching

"DJ and HoopStudy has helped our business grow exponentially from his visits to Israel and has made a lasting impact on thousands of players here!"

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Players of all ages and abilities can benefit greatly from this guide. This will help you whether you are an aspiring college athlete or youth rec player.

The program is delivered as an online membership platform that you can access on your computer, tablet or phone. HoopStudy Academy is a digital course. You will use the credentials you signed up with to login to your dashboard. Upon logging in we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

All you need is a ball and a hoop!

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