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The Hoopstudy Curriculum is utilized by many of the best players, coaches and trainers in the world, but It doesn't matter who you are… If you love basketball, and are looking to gain knowledge in a certain area, then we are here for you. Let's get to work.

We have two membership packages available. 1 for Players & 1 for Coaches/Trainers.

Hoop Study Player's academy

Players Academy

In our players academy we have over 3,000 video lessons to help you improve your overall game. Our courses were created through our years of research understanding what areas players struggle in. Our Courses include SHOOTING, CONFIDENCE, ISO moves, FINISHING, Skill to Game Transfer, Mobility and Strength, Transformations and MUCH MORE. We also add new programs throughout the year because lets face it, the game is constantly changing, and we want to make sure you’re keeping up with it!

Coaches Academy

Our Coaches Academy is a community of professional coaches all the way down to beginner coaches with 1 common goal, to IMPROVE the way we TEACH the game of basketball. Our weekly zoom calls ,along with our EXTENSIVE CURRICULUM, let us all connect, share information, and above all, move the game of basketball in the right direction.

"Hoopstudy is recognized as the global leader in online basketball education. Below are our 3 best selling courses that our members receive all access to".

Fix Your Shot

Our Shooting program takes you through the 7 steps to mastering your shot. this course has fixed over 4,000 athlete's shots.

Price - $199

Master Your Position

If your don't really know the secrets of your position it's almost impossible to excel at it. Our positional acedemies discuss the secrets that only the professional level coaches know

Price - $399

Transform Your Game

Nothing Changes your game faster tha a detailed program. Our transformation programs literally take you through a day by day schedule focusing on basketball and performance work to help you gear up for the next season!

Price - $299

Meet your Instructor

DJ Sackmann

-World Renowned Basketball trainer

DJ Sackmann has worked with over 15,000 athletes in person and has traveled all over the world doing so. He has spent time with many of the top coaches and players in the world and after picking the minds of the best in the Business, DJ put together this extensive basketball curriculum to help you become the best basketball version of yourself.

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"2023 Events will be announced in Q1 of 2023. Please be on the lookout for our upcoming Events across the world. for Immediate information for our upcoming events please Email info@hoopstudy.com. thanks!"


You can login at anytime by visiting Hoopstudy.com and clicking on the LOG IN tab . If you’re having trouble logging in please contact info@hoopstudy.com for troubleshooting the login.

Go to Hoopstudy.com and click on login. From there you can reset your password by email. If you’re still having trouble logging in, email info@hoopstudy.com with “log in trouble” as the subject so we can assist you.

All access memberships include all of our player academies including but not limited to our player and summer transformation academies.

All access memberships include all of our coach academies including but not limited to our player and summer transformation academies.

A 6 Week film study program followed by a customized workout based on the players current strength and weaknesses. Players start off by received a SWOT Analysis with DJ Sackmann and they take our confidence course followed by a 6 week program world renowned coaches DJ Sackmann and Justin Matthew Brandt will watch the players film, study it and collaborate with the athlete on how to perform their current role and be successful NOW. Then after the 6 weeks the players receive a custom workout plan by DJ Sackmann on how to improve in the FUTURE.

To cancel your membership, please email info@hoopstudy.com with “Cancel Membership” inside of the subject line. You can cancel your membership at any time.

You can email info@hoopstudy.com at anytime to get an update on your current subscription or any other questions you may have.

For support in any specific program, please contact justin@hoopstudy.com

Yes, you can view our in person training and our events in the Hoopstudy events tab.

Our goal is to give you the most recent and relevant information to take your basketball IQ and skills to the highest level possible. Academies are regularly updated to ensure you are receiving the best experience possible.

There is no right or wrong way to use the program, mainly because everyone is different. We suggest players and coaches picking what they want to learn in our a la carte style menu. Whatever you feel like you need to improve on or work through, pick that course and go through it. For a more customized detailed approach you can qualify for our MXP program which is based on more mentorship.

Over 10,000+ players trainers and coaches Trust HoopStudy

"The Point Guard Academy really helped me understand the Pick and Roll and i've been playing better because of it. I appreciate all the help."

Elliot Cadeau


"Ive learned more from the Hoopstudy Academy then I have in the last 15 years as a player or a trainer."

Justin Cooper


"Because of the summer transformation program i've become a complete player and receiving various interest from coaches across the country. Thank you Hoopstudy."

Will Bland


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