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Below you will find hundreds of online courses to help improve your game. Some of the best players trainers and coaches from the NBA all the way down to middle school are participating inside this academy.
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"I have found nothing better at teaching skill development. I'm excited to use this online program for not only my kids but the NBA players I work with as well.”
Adam Harrington
Assistant Coach, Brooklyn Nets
“I’m 51 and I’ve been a head coach for 18 years, and I’ve learned more watching Hoop Study in one week, that I could have possibly imagined.”
Tom Crean
Head Coach, Georgia Bulldogs
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with DJ over the last four years and this is flat out one of the best training platforms on the planet."
Brandon Walker
Adidas Head of North America Sports Marketing
“This is a great way to stay in shape, stay sharp, and stay ready. This is full of the best teaching points. The knowledge on here is crazy!”
Jesse Jones

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When I am struggling with something in practice I find it in the academy and work on it. This has completely changed my approach to basketball!
Ten Minute Routine
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I never had a movement routine. My only regret is not finding this sooner! This change my life for real.
Point Guard Academy
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This is insane. I just started but I know I am going to improve after the program. Hi from Israel 🇮🇱
Handle at Home
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I don't have a hoop at my house and I never knew what to do at home to improve my handle until now. I will use this forever!


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